Sociocultural Aspects of Schooling for English Language Learners

by leaningforwardtogether

First and foremost, I think struggling students sometimes stay in school because of the connections they have with their peers in classes, clubs, and school activities.  When school and classes are hard and students are struggling with issues at home, the students who have somewhere they feel like they belong, I think they have a better chance of getting through difficult times.  I will encourage all of my students to find an activity they feel like they can belong in so that they have a support group on campus.  I will go over the various clubs, sports, and activities they can join.  In addition, I will have resources posted in my room which explain the various campus involvements.  For the ELLs specifically, I will help them find something that fits their needs.  If there is nothing, I will start an International or Language club where students of all languages and backgrounds can come learn about different cultures.  I will make sure my students have a place to belong, whether they are an ELL student or not.  In addition, as activities like football games and homecoming come up, I’ll spend a few minutes in class going over the history of those traditions so everyone learns how they were started and why they stil exist.  By doing so, I will provide insight for my ELLs to learn about American culture.